I’ve Got The Urge.

20 May

I have this overwhelming urge to get rid of things, to simplify. I’m not sure where it came from because previously I was a “I might use it someday” type of person. My family is made up of both types: keepers and throwers. My mother is a thrower. My childhood dollhouse? Gone. Shirley Temple doll? Gone. 99% of my schoolwork? Gone. Ironically, if I make a move to get rid of a piece of the kids’ artwork now, my mother will look at me like I’m completely bananas.

Then there was my grandmother. She lived through the Great Depression and she was an incredible survivor, which perhaps explains her “keeper” tendencies. When we moved her from her Brooklyn apartment in 2003, where she had lived for almost 60 years, we found an incredible amount of things she had saved – some sentimental, some not. Some items were clearly past their prime – for example, the dozen or so plastic shower caps whose elastic was reduced to hard, crunchy crumbs. She also kept the favor, still wrapped, from my parents’ wedding in spite of the fact that they had divorced almost 27 years prior.

They say we turn into our mothers so, maybe tempered by my grandmother’s influence, I’m taking a step closer to “thrower.”

Books. I love books. I love reading and learning. So does my husband. I’ve tried to thin the herd a little now and again, but it’s gotten out of control – particularly in my husband’s den (yes, I call it a den – I can’t bring myself to call it a “man cave”).  “Study” sounds fancier than it is.

So, over a few hours this morning, I was able to sort through the books in this room. I love the feeling of space. Ahhh.

My plan is to put the purged books in our garage sale. I hate hosting garage sales – in fact, I’ve only done it once before and the experience was so bad that I promised myself I would never do it again – but that’s another post.


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