About that road to hell…

28 May

I hear it’s paved with good intentions. I know mine is. My home is filled with half-finished projects. Some of them are even 90% finished, but I just can’t seem to get over that final hump. When I finally do, I think “Why the hell did I wait so long? That didn’t even take 10 minutes!”  It’s bananas.

Case in point:

I made my daughters Amy Butler’s Gum Drop pillows from this pattern. No problem – I started them and finished them within a couple of days. Then I started my son’s. It’s been literally 99% done for, uh, six months, at least. All I had to do was stitch up the seam that was left open so it could be stuffed. I suppose this says something about how much I despise hand sewing.

Finally. I feel so badly for taking so long, especially since he’s clearly loving it now.

I have three other works-in-progress that I haven’t made much headway on:

(This is a crazy nine patch. Flapper picked out the colors to match his football team – does that give a hint on how long ago I finished this one? I used the tips I found here.)

(These are Amy Butler FQ’s, made from a Turning Twenty pattern – found here. I probably made this one over a year ago.)

I don’t think it’s unusual for people who quilt to have tops waiting (and waiting and waiting) to be basted and quilted, but since the red and blue one was made for my son (again) I feel a little bit badly. The other one is for Beans, my middle daughter. She is a world class nagger. She’s probably asked me a bajillion times when I might finish it (so she can wad it up and cram it in her closet – but that’s another post!)

And this one:

These are on top of half a dozen garments that are in process.

I’m going to make an effort to move forward on these projects in the coming weeks – even if it is at a snail’s pace. Now that I’ve told the internet about my slacker tendencies, I have to. Right?

UPDATE: I was wrong. I admit it. The tomato cages were upside down. I fixed them. I haven’t told my hubby he was right yet, though.


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