Finally finished…

28 May

Let me remind you what my sewing room/office looked like before:

Let me just say: this is the type of mess you have to put some effort into. I had to force myself not to clean up a single thing after six or seven projects. It wasn’t easy. Please note the wounded Webkinz on my little pressing table. In real life, he’d be dead now from bleeding his little beady stuffing all over.

Now for the after. After what? The removal of yard and yards of fabric to the “garage sale pile”, tossing of general crap, and the thinning of my assortment of patterns. It feels good to get rid of things. It feels even better to look forward to working in my newly cleaned space. Hallelujah!

(Sidebar: I love that quote on my desk. I really believe that everything does happen for a reason; that we are meant to learn from everything that happens in life – whether it’s amazing or crappy or seemingly mundane. And I love that om frog!)

Having my space clean will absolutely get me moving on finishing up some of those undone projects.


P.S. The Webkinz didn’t survive. His next of kin (kinz?) have been notified.


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