Everything happens for a reason…

16 Jun

I really believe every thing happens for a reason. Even when something crappy happens, I try and find the lesson to be learned. Yesterday was one of those days – apparently, I had a lot to learn.

(Right now I’m learning that if you eat an entire sleeve of Thin Mints because you’re stressed about your upcoming garage sale, you will feel nauseous.)

So, yeah, the garage sale. I think I mentioned before that I have a garage sale once every ten years (so this will be my second) because I get all weirded out. I don’t know if it’s the idea of people going through my things, or the horror stories I have heard but I’m just not a fan. However, I’m in a “simplify my life” mode right now, and there’s too much stuff to find a single place to donate to  – so here I am with a garage full of things priced ridiculously cheap and a belly full of Thin Mints.

Anywhoozle – things happening for a reason. A little background: two years ago, I ran my first marathon in Philadelphia. It was a bucket list item for me, so it was a big deal. After the marathon, I took a shower at the hotel and then we headed home. When we got home, I couldn’t find my race number or, more importantly, my camera. I looked and looked and finally came to the conclusion that I set them down somewhere in a post-marathon haze and they were gone forever. Two. Years. Ago.

In preparation for my garage sale, I went through things that had been down in the black hole of our cellar for some time. Among them, was this hot pink duffel bag that I hadn’t used in years. I dragged it upstairs with a couple of other pieces of luggage. As I was wiping it down, I unzipped the pocket and – shut the front door – there was the camera, my hydration belt with the number still pinned to it and the little shampoo my kids took from that hotel in Philadelphia. I assure you, I never would have found those things if I hadn’t been doing the garage sale.

Lesson #1: Do things that make you challenge your comfort level – you will be rewarded in some way.

(Philadelphia Marathon 2009 – that’s me in the red, smiling at my kiddos!)

Crazy, right?

Next. You know how I can’t stand laundry. It’s a never-ending chore – because, apparently, people wear clothes all. the. time. And, I happen to have a daughter who changes outfits like she’s Celine Dion performing in Vegas. In the machine, out of the machine, in the dryer, out of the dryer, fold, put away. Repeat. Forever. Last night, my washing machine stopped working. I was getting an error message about the door locking mechanism. I did what any woman married to a brilliant but unhandy man would do: I turned to Google. I tried everything I could find. Nothing worked. At 11:30 pm (way past my bedtime) I asked the handiest guy I know – my Dad. My dad passed away last year. That man could fix anything. (And now, so can my brother.) He was the kind of guy who could either fix it up right, or perform a miracle with duct tape and a hammer.

Let me tell you – when I got up this morning – that washing machine worked. It’s still working and I’ve done three loads today.

Lesson #2: Ask for help when you need it, you’ll get it, and maybe from the most unlikely of places.

And maybe stop bitchin’ about the laundry, because at least I’m not hauling it to the laundromat down a flight of stairs like my mom used to. Washing machines are awesome.

What lessons have you learned from unlikely circumstances?


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