Things I Probably Won’t Get Done

8 Jul

I have a bunch of things I’d like to get done this summer around the house. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew in the “project” department but I thought putting my list out there for all the world to see might keep me motivated. (In other words, I’ll see if shame is really an effective motivator  – so this is really a social science experiment!)

Grow up the girls’ rooms and switch up the beds. Budget: $250

(It might be easier just to set this one on fire and start from scratch – but I doubt I’ll be able to stay under budget that way!) I know my kids can’t be the only ones that are slobs, but you always think your kid is so much worse (or so much better, if you’re one of those parents.)

Repair toilet paper holder in powder room. Budget: $10

This one drives me insane – the kids kept using the dispenser as a handle to hoist themselves off the bowl. Didn’t really work out for the TP holder. I’ll need to cut open the drywall, put in a block to support the holder/handle and then patch it back up. Just call me Bob Villa. Maybe I should wire it for electricity – that will stop the kids from grabbing on! No no no. That would be wrong. And then there would be a less than zero chance they’ll actually replace an empty roll – down from the NO CHANCE we’re at now. (And over the roll, in case you’re wondering.)

Paint these doors a shade of turquoise. Budget: $50

I was totally inspired by this post on Isabella & Max Rooms. This on is just for me. The set on the left holds cleaning supplies, and the right holds extra dishes – so I’m pretty much the only one who opens these anyway. Ha ha.

Make some storage like this for Flap’s room. Budget: $10

I’d like to make these out of pallets. That’s something I’ve always wanted to try. If I don’t chop off a limb in the process, we can call this project done. Agreed?

(Image via Relic Interiors – a sustainable furniture company out of England.)

What’s on your summer to-do list?


4 Responses to “Things I Probably Won’t Get Done”

  1. Anne DuRoss July 8, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    I love the turquoise door idea! So clean and fresh looking. Post after pictures please!

  2. joanne July 9, 2011 at 7:57 am #

    Those are some pretty good projects for the summer. I make up a project list like that then rethink it (or maybe it’s simply Put It Off) and wait until winter and the colder, miserable weather.


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