Boilermaker 15K…and I haven’t stopped running since!

16 Jul

Last Sunday, I ran the Boilermaker 15K – which was my first race since I tore my MCL in December. (Have I mentioned I hate skiing?) The heat was unbelievable and I ran slower than I would have liked, but I did it without pain – so I’ll take it. The real test will be the Rochester Marathon in September. I’d love to show you pictures from the race…but no one in my family brought a camera. I know, right? (I did manage to replace my dog-eaten sneakers at the last minute!)

Only picture of me I could find. We'll ignore how scary I look. Yes - we will.

I feel like it’s been non-stop since then. I finished the race on Sunday, caught up with my family, had an obligatory sip of Saranac beer and then raced home so we could bring Beans to camp. She’s been there a week and I have to admit, I really miss her. Not the drama and hysteria, but certainly her wicked sense of humor. Her “cabin” by the way, is gorgeous – clearly recently built, lovely tiled bathroom, big fan in the vaulted ceiling. Seriously, that’s my kind of camping. Growing up in Brooklyn, there wasn’t much in the way of camping for me – we did get to run around in the fire hydrant sometimes, though. Somehow, I don’t think that’s quite the same.

Did I mention that on her camp application they asked “What skills would you like your child to learn while at camp?” Uh. Umm. Cooking. Cleaning. How to mix a perfect Cosmopolitan. Deep-tissue massage…oh, not that kind of camp? Oh. Then I guess archery would be fine. Whatever.

"Are you going to leave ever? Huh? GO!!"

Since then, we’ve been in rush mode trying to get the bedroom re-do’s done and ready to go. I wish I could show-off the completed rooms, but, uh, they’re not quite done. I did get to use power tools though! I promise to post pictures as soon as they’re finished.

And then today, we got up at 3 am and drove out to get Kitty from the camp she’s been at since school got out 3 weeks ago. There is something really…nice…about seeing your kid get all weepy when she spots you in the parking lot. It makes me think maybe I don’t suck at parenting as much as I often think I do.

Is it possible that she grew while she was away? We watched her compete in the end-of-camp show and then headed home. And here we are.

I think I’ll be going to bed now.


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