It seemed like a good idea at the time…

2 Aug

Is it really August already? It seems like summer just started. I feel like the cartoon cat getting thrown out of the house: clinging to the doorway, arms and legs stretched, nails dug into the doorframe trying to hold on to the last weeks of summer.

Yesterday, I had what I thought was a great idea. In the morning, I had the kids get ready to go (I could do an entire post on the difficulty I have getting my daughters to brush their hair – what is that about?) and told them we were going someplace fun.

Here’s a tip from me to you: the older your kids get, the more likely it is that your great idea will be…not as great as you imagined.

We piled in the car and I took them to our local U-Pick farm so we could pick blueberries. Ta dah!! Sounds like fun, right?

“I don’t even like blueberries.”

“It’s so hot.”

“Can I at least get a drink first?”

We picked blueberries, dammit. Sometimes, you need to make the kids have fun. I thought it was fun. It’s my kind of thing because I have an unusually high tolerance for tedious, mindless tasks. Admittedly, it was awfully hot. The kids actually kind of got into it toward the end. Especially after Kitty found a huge blueberry and the other two kept looking for berries that could take the heavyweight title from Rocky Bal-berry. Apparently, as long as there’s some kind of contest, they’re all good.

Rocky Bal-berry. He was much bigger in person.

Three pounds of blueberries and 45 minutes later, we headed home. Maybe the heat had me delirious, but I could swear I heard some laughter coming from the back seat.

We spent the rest of the afternoon poolside which, in comparison to blueberry picking is less “boooorrring”. Fine with me.

Have you ever had a good idea done in by your kids? Share it so we don’t make the same mistake!


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